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Sentimental Stories

Remembering our roots from afar: Posted June 2011

Stff. Sgt Cliff Taylor

This is Sergeant First Class (ret) Cliff next to his Humvee that he personalized with our Lakeland Sr. High School, Lakeland, Fla. orange school letter with our mascot “Dreadnaught” above that. A Dreadnaught is a heavily armed battleship. While Cliff was doing his job and making the Iraq roads safe for the U.S. Military convoys[READ FULL STORY]

Gifts from Afghanistan: Posted June 2011

Col. Courtney Taylor & Friend

Col. Courtney Taylor & Friend

  This is Col. Courtney Taylor with a little Afghanistan girl from the local town. She knew that Courtney had a daughter her age and made him a present for him to send to his daughter, Savannah. The other photo I love shows Court in the cockpit with his fellow soldiers making one of his[READ FULL STORY]

Putting Action with her patriotism years ago: Posted June 2011


My spirits were soaring and my pride was so great the day that we all marched down College Street to Toomers Corner where we then had a rally in support of the U.S. military. We heard from Colonels and prisoners of war and then sent off hundreds of postcards to our service men and women[READ FULL STORY]