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Gifts from Afghanistan: Posted June 2011


Col. Courtney Taylor and friends while on duty in Afghanistan

This is Col. Courtney Taylor with a little Afghanistan girl from the local town. She knew that Courtney had a daughter her age and made him a present for him to send to his daughter, Savannah. The other photo I love shows Court in the cockpit with his fellow soldiers making one of his many trips as Commanding Officer of the 330th Transportation Battalion of both Movement Control and Airborne.

While Court was organizing all the transportation units and Airborne ops he was also building relationships with all our allied countries involved in Operation Enduring Freedom. He did extensive training with the Afghan forces and often reached out to the local towns people in order to build stronger relations and bonds between our countries.

Col. Courtney Taylor

For his efforts in Operation Enduring Freedom he was recognized with several prestigious awards. The one that I recall most is the Bronze Star Medal. It was awarded for his exceptional leadership, but I think that the Afghan soldiers probably all nominated him for his “deep-south-southern-American-accent.” And BOY….does he ever have a southern accent and drawl!!

Courtney is a fun loving guy who is extremely loyal to his family and to me—his favorite sister!! He always tells me how proud of me he is for my Proud American jewelry line and he brags about me every chance he gets—I know this because my Mom and Pop tell me.

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