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Putting Action with her patriotism years ago: Posted June 2011

Spirits were soaring as we marched the roads of Alabama in 1991 in support of our troops.

My spirits were soaring and my pride was so great the day that we all marched down College Street to Toomers Corner where we then had a rally in support of the U.S. military. We heard from Colonels and prisoners of war and then sent off hundreds of postcards to our service men and women thanking them for their dedication and sacrifice.

I can remember the night that Desert Storm began. I was terrified knowing that my brothers would soon be in the middle of it—but so proud and grateful for their job choices. I don’t know of any other profession or job choice that affects all of our lives more so than that of our military men and women.

Putting action to my patriotism goes back to when I organized a Support-our-Troops march we called “TIGER STORM” when I was in college at Auburn University (THE University of Alabama). They were both amazed and proud that their sister could pull something like this off. Courtney and Cliff never let an opportunity go by that they don’t tell me how impressed they are with my patriotism and efforts. The funny thing is that Court and Cliff are the ones that have instilled such a deep sense of patriotism and pride in me and now in my career.

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